‘Careers’ music video!


hell yes!
in two days (july 17th) we’re premiering the music video to our first full-on single off our upcoming album “Burden Calls”, which will be released on August 22nd!

the song is called “Careers” and the video will be presented by the amazing people over at VISIONS magazine online – www.visions.de

we’ll remind you again when the whole thing actually made its way onto the WWW.

until then, get excited!


Hey there!

Sorry for the lack of updates. There was a lot going on in the last months. I’ll try to give you a short review:

Last august, i recorded some drum- and percussion-tracks for my friend Jack Holmes. The record should be released somewhere in May, but you can pre-listen some of the songs already right here: http://jackholmes.bandcamp.com/

Also in May, LaserLife Records gonna release ASTPAI‘s second full-length “Corruption Concealed Under Deceptive Slogans” on 12″ Vinyl! The whle thing comes with a download-code for the actual record + a live recording of the release-show!
Check out the teaser-trailer here: http://youtu.be/7vqUfmg5QNc

Speaking of ASTPAI: Last month we happily joined RVIVR on three of their european-tour-shows (Vienna, Budapest and Graz). Here’s a video of us performing “Hands Kept Clean” at EKH, Vienna: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuXbAc-Bt7w

If you haven’t heard yet, we’re currently on a 45-day-long tour with Smoke Or Fire from Richmond, VA. Find all the dates here: https://www.facebook.com/events/529888633689183/

In February and March i also got together with Georg of Keiner Mag Faustmann, Bernd of The Liberation Service (and also Zock for one show) to form “The Bad Decisions“, the back-up-band for our friend Puddel’s solo-project James Choice. We played a couple of shows all over Austria. Also, i layed down drum-tracks for two new songs, so there’s probably some kind of release happening within the next months. Stay tuned on that!

More news soon(er)!

2012 Résumé/ ASTPAI Video Shoot

hey there holiday people,
y’all survived the christmas madness?

as 2012 is coming to an end, here’s our obligatory end-of-year-résumé:

we played a little over 100 shows in over 20 countries, released our fourth full length “Efforts And Means” and put out a video documentary along with it. to say the least, 2012 kept us pretty busy.

as we’re now preparing for 2013 we gotta ask those of you living in or around our hometown a huge favour:

we’ll be shooting a video this coming march and there’s a few things that we’ll need help with. please read through this note to find out more:


furthermore, these are the first few shows that we’ll be playing in 2013. loads more to come! loads!

04.01.2013 Graz (AT) @ Sub (covering FOO FIGHTERS)
13.01.2013 Wien (AT) @ B72 (covering FOO FIGHTERS)
25.01.2013 Oberwart (AT) @ OHO

09.03.2013 Wien (AT) @ DasBach
22.03.2013 Wien (AT) @ Venster99 w/ RVIVR
23.03.2013 Budapest (HU) @ Trafik Klub w/ RVIVR
24.03.2013 Graz (AT) @ Sub w/ RVIVR

take it easy,



USA Fest-Tour, October ’12

Toni Magpie w/ ASTPAI @FEST11, Gainseville FL

Hey there,

just a couple of days ago we, Astpai, returned from our 2-week-tour down the states’ east coast to Fest11 in Gainesville, Florida. Once again (but sadly for the last time, since this tour was their last one) we shared both van and stages with our friends in One Win Choice.

These were the dates:
2012/10/16 – Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House
2012/10/17 – Providence, RI @ AS220
2012/10/19 – Toms River, NJ @ The Shed
2012/10/20 – Brooklyn, NY @ Hi-Five BAr
2012/10/21 – Richmond, VA @ The Camel
2012/10/22 – Asheville, NC @ The Get Down
2012/10/23 – Atlanta, GA @ Wonderroot
2012/10/24 – Tampa, FL @ Transitions (Pre-Fest)
2012/10/28 – Gainesville, FL @ The Fest 11

Here’s a video of us playing “Honest Or Sentimental” live at The Fest:

This show, the 97th Astpai-show in 2012, was our last one this year. We’ll announce the dates for our upcoming Europe-tour together with Smoke Or Fire in April/ May soon though, so stay tuned!

Additionally, we found time to visit Trevor and Mike of A Wilhelm Scream in their super-awesome home-studio and managed to record 3 short new songs. We’ll keep you informed about when and where those songs are going to be released.


New Website Design!

Hey there,

i finally managed to finish re-designing my Website. Yes, some content would be nice, I know. Hopefully i’ll mangage to add some soon. Till then i will try to keep this blog up to date at least.